About us

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Our Family


In 1895, the Mock family planted their first orchard just outside Melbourne. Five generations later, they continue to grow apples in the picturesque hinterland of Red Hill, Victoria. The Mock family became pioneers within the Bio-Dynamic movement in Australia when their orchard was first certified in 1974. Today the family continues to nurture and nourish the same certified orchard, creating a unique range of bio-dynamic products including their craft apple ciders, sparkling and cloudy juices, Demeter Bio-Dynamic certified fresh produce and freeze dried fruit snacks.

It is the fifth generation of Mock sisters - Mardi-Claire, Demeter & Sheryn, who have created an interactive tourism experience on the farm, welcoming the public to visit their Farm-gate and Cider Lounge to indulge in their tasty beverage range, a share-plate style lunch or even a picnic in the orchard.

There are currently 4 generations of Mock's living on the family farm and can be seen working in the field, packing shed, Farm-gate, Cider Lounge and are always up for a chat to discuss the family history and what's happening around the farm.

Our Apples


The core focus at Mock Orchards lies in tending to our A-grade apple varieties growing in the orchard. Being certified Bio-dynamic, produce has been grown and to the Australian National Standards of Bio-Dynamic Farming. We are certified by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute ensuring use of environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, biological methods to activate and nurture the soil, plants and animals within natures organisation, without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or any unnecessary additives.

The Mock family have been growing apples for 5 generations. Walter Charles and Wilma Elizabeth Mock moved the family to the well-known apple growing area of Red Hill in 1960 and converted to the Demeter Bio-Dynamic Farming Method in the 70's.

Today our orchardist is Neville Mock (pictured), Wally and Wilma's 4th Son, Neville completed an apprenticeship in fruit growing with his father back in 1981, on completion of his studies, Neville achieved the award for “Outstanding Apprentice” from the Industrial Training Commission of Victoria and later he went on to win Victorias “Farm Entrepreneur of the year” in 1999.

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Cider flight

Our Ciders


At Mock Red Hill, we produce modern, new world style craft ciders from our single Orchard at Red Hill, Victoria, with only one batch of each variety made per year. All our ciders are produced using a belt press and contain no added sugars, colours or flavours. We also produce a range of fresh non-alcoholic beverages. All of our Ciders and Juice are Demeter Certified Bio-Dynamic and are made from 100% fresh fruit grown on our farm. Mock Red Hill are members of Cider Australia and our ciders have been approved to carry the 100% AUSTRALIAN GROWN TRUST MARK. Our products also carry the Authentic Provenance Trademark "MPP" - Mornington Peninsula Produce. The MPP Certified Trade Mark is a guarantee of provenance, giving consumers confidence in supporting their local farmers.